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  • TheLaughingMan
    24 février 2012 - 18:44

    Stephen Harper, Rob Nicholson, John Baird and Vic Toews, along with the rest of the Conservatives are liars, cheats and thieves. They are fascists and would turn our country into an Orwellian nightmare! Canada needs to rise up and occupy the parliament, remove the Conservatives from power, followed by some good old fashion tarring and feathering, finish with banishing from Canada! Finally Canadians need some laws that allow us to force referendums on the government and punish corrupt politicians who think they can screw with their people, their employers, you and me! People shouldn't fear the government, the government should fear the people!

  • Mr Whiggles
    24 février 2012 - 16:17

    For taing the fall, Mr Sona will likely get a senior management job in a crown corp. Remember the woman that made negative comments about Obama? i don't remember what minister she worked for but she was given a senior position at CIDA after being fired by the minister.